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Weird talking potatoes

ALDI Australia, known for its affordable yet quality offerings, has launched a delightful Christmas campaign for 2023, emphasizing the joy of the little things that make the holiday season special. Titled ‘Go Big on the Little Things,’ this campaign is a charming reminder of the small joys that make Christmas a time to cherish.

ALDI Australia’s Christmas 2023 advert beautifully captures the essence of the holiday season, focusing on the small yet significant elements that make Christmas dinners memorable. It’s a campaign that resonates with the audience’s desire for quality and affordability, wrapped in a message of joy and celebration.


  • Memorable (85/100): The ad’s focus on the often-overlooked aspects of Christmas makes it stand out.
  • Effective (90/100): It effectively highlights ALDI’s range of affordable products.
  • Style (88/100): The ad’s style is warm and inviting, perfectly capturing the Christmas spirit.
  • Heart/Humor (82/100): It balances heartwarming and humorous.
  • Execution (91/100): The campaign is well-executed across multiple channels.
An ALDI Australia christmas pudding is sitting on a table in front of a spread of food.
ALDI Australia XMAS Advert

ALDI Australia’s Christmas Ad Tradition

ALDI Australia has a history of creating Christmas ads that resonate with the Aussie spirit. Their campaigns often focus on the joy, humor, and togetherness that define Australian Christmases, making them highly anticipated each year.

  • Theme: Celebrating the ‘little things’ like sides and trimmings that make Christmas feasts special.
  • Insight: Based on research showing 73% of Aussies look forward to sides as much as the main protein.
  • Message: Encouraging shoppers to indulge in a lavish Christmas spread without breaking the bank.
  1. Focus on Sides: Giving limelight to the often-underrated sides and trimmings.
  2. Affordability Message: Emphasizing ALDI’s commitment to quality at low prices.
  3. Integrated Approach: The campaign spans TV, cinema, radio, OOH, social media, and more.
A woman is holding a large cabbage in her hands at ALDI Australia.
ALDI Australia reminds us that Christmas is all about the little things.

Creative Partners:

  • Agency: BMF
  • Media Partners: Zenith Media and Ogilvy PR

Quotes and Insights:

  • Jenny Melhuish, marketing director at ALDI, emphasizes the balance of quality and savings.
  • David Fraser, executive creative director at BMF, highlights the importance of sides in making a Christmas feast complete.
An ALDI Australia advertisement featuring a woman standing in front of a large pile of carrots for Christmas 2023.
An ALDI Australia advertisement featuring a woman standing in front of a large pile of carrots.

ALDI Australia’s Christmas 2023 ad campaign is a heartwarming reminder that the little things make the festive season truly special. By focusing on the sides and trimmings that complement the main dishes, ALDI showcases its extensive product range and connects with the Australian spirit of enjoying a lavish yet affordable Christmas feast. This campaign perfectly blends humor, warmth, and practicality, making it a memorable addition to ALDI Australia’s tradition of delightful Christmas advertisements.

ALDI Australia Christmas 2023 Ad
From prawns to potatoes, make every dish a star!
  1. Unique Focus: The ad emphasizes the importance of sides and trimmings in a Christmas feast, which is special and relatable. It cleverly shifts the spotlight from the usual main courses to the often-underappreciated elements of a festive meal.
  2. Resonates with Budget-Conscious Consumers: By highlighting quality products at affordable prices, the campaign effectively appeals to consumers who are mindful of their holiday spending.
  3. Integrated Marketing Strategy: The campaign’s execution across various channels, including TV, cinema, radio, OOH, and social media, ensures a wide reach and engagement with a diverse audience.
  4. Emotional Connection: The ad strikes a chord with its heartwarming portrayal of the holiday spirit, emphasizing the joy and togetherness that small things bring to the festive season.
  5. Humor and Warmth: The ad balances humor with a warm, inviting tone, making it enjoyable and memorable for viewers.
  1. Potential Overemphasis on Sides: While the focus on sides is unique, it might overshadow the importance of main dishes in a traditional Christmas feast, potentially alienating some viewers.
  2. Risk of Over-Simplification: The ad’s message, while effective, might oversimplify the complexities and challenges of holiday meal preparation, which involves more than just affordability.
  3. Limited Appeal to Non-Traditional Consumers: The campaign heavily leans on traditional Christmas imagery and themes, which might not resonate as strongly with consumers who celebrate differently or prefer non-traditional holiday meals.
  4. Predictability: Some viewers might find the theme of affordability and quality in holiday shopping predictable, as it is a common message among retailers during the festive season.
A man is holding a large piece of meat in the ALDI Australia Christmas 2023 Ad.
ALDI Australia Christmas 2023 Ad – Discover the joy in every side dish



Heartwarming and humorous

Heart or Humor8.2
Reader Rating: ( 1 vote ) 9.8

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