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11 Hilarious Fiat 500 Ads

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Over time, Fiat has made a series of funny commercials for the popular Fiat 500 model. From these, we have selected the best 11 commercials. What do you think about the evolution of car ads over time? Were they more successful before?

  1. Godzilla – 2014
  2. We Fixed It! – 2014
  3. The bad boys’ car – 2016
  4. Mirage – 2014 features Sean Combs aka Diddy / Puff Daddy
  5. Backseat Italians – 2013
  6. House Arrest – 2012 features Charlie Sheen and Catrinel Menghia
  7. Sisters – 2013 broadcast at Super Bowl
  8. Blue Pill 2015 broadcast at Super Bowl. Features Nini Salerno and Adele Pandolfi
  9. The Italians are coming – 2013
  10. Zoolander – 2016 broadcast at Super Bowl Features Ben Stiller as Derek Zoolander, Soundtrack from Frankie Goes Hollywood “Relax, don’t do it”
  11. A taste of tomorrow. Today – 2018. Features Christopher Lloyd as Dr. Emmett Brown / Doc from Back to the future.
Funny Fiat Commercials

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