Volvo Halloween 2016 commercial: ABC of Death

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“Volvo – ABC of Death” is a funny Halloween commercials created by Daniel Titz and Dorian Lebherz, students at the Film Academy of Baden-Württemberg in Germany and know for “Dear Brother” advert for Johnnie Walker.

The tagline is “V is for Volvo who knows to cheat. Volvo – Stay Alive.”

This is not an official commercial for Volvo, but the automaker gives the OK for it.


Production: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg
DoP: Jan David Günther
Producer: Celina Finger, Madlen Folk

Production Design: Mona Otterbach
Editor: Raquel Caro Nunez
Music: Yessian Music GmbH
Composer: Ralf Denker Ingmar Rehberg
Sounddesign: Marvin Keil
Idea: Dorian & Daniel
Idea dove scene: Andre Price

Amber: Johanna Katharina Riebesam
Berry: Stephen M. Gilbert
Clara: Verena Plangger
Dora & Friends: Leonie Walther, Julian Weiss, Martin Lapp
Eric: Frank Roder
Garry: Andreas Wellano
Heinrich: Marcus Widmann
Couple: Katharina Wittenbrink, Manuel Flach
Basset Hounds: True Pleasure Basset Hounds

Unit Production Manager: Alexander Pietzsch Christian Dieckhoff
Unit Production Manager Assistants: Fabian Kappes David Jasim Anja Schmidt Peer Andre Grote Ganya Mosolf Tobias Gerginov
Costume Design: Annika Osterrieder Kathrin Radke
Hair and Make-Up: Hanna Pfeiffer Carlo Benz
Production Sound Mixer: Markus Fass
1st Camera Assistant: Adrian Huber, Felix Koster
2nd Camera Assistant + DIT: Alexander Zimmermann
3rd Camera Assistant : David zu Höhne, Joscha Bongard
Gaffer: Johannes Reichau, Maximilian Pittner
Best Boy: Felix Zenker, Dominik John
Lighning Technicians / Electricians: Michael Throne, Timon Dangel, Fabian Decker, Mehdi Ayadi, Fabian Rumor, Lucas Maibaum, David zu Höhne, Lukas Eicher, Ernst Lattik, Philipp Henze
Grip: Mark Zechner, Manuel Musch
Production Design Assistant: Marta Jeszke, Carla Jerschl, Amelie Hofmann, Tim Peter
Stunt Coordinator: VIP Stunts, Sigi Polap & Igor Tjumenzf
Swingfog Operator: Christian Grözinger

Visual Effects Supervisor: Julian Weiss
CGI doves: brickbeach c/o Power to the Artists GmbH
CGI explosion: nhb video GmbH
Matte Paintings and additional CGI: Dorian & Daniel
Color Grading: Harvest Digital Agriculture GmbH
Color Grading Artist: Dennis Wieck

Catering: Ganya Mosolf, Nathalie Lamb
Car Rental: car motion service GmbH

sponsored by: Caligari Preis 2016, Gestiftet von der Stadt Ludwigsburg, ARRI Loaner, ARRI Rental Deutschland GmbH

special thanks to: Robert Gross VOLVO Autohaus G. Gross GmbH, Uwe Nesselthaler, Waltraut, Ochotzki, Ingmar Rehberg, Lukas Lehmann, Max Leist, ZAV München – Hermann Malzer, Agentur Julia Krüger, LVL Jäger – Frank Metzger

Stay Alive


A brilliant homework of Titz and Dorian. I like it as a funny movie. As a commercial it is another story as the suicide has no place in advertising, especially as a joke.

Heart or Humor10.0
Reader Rating: ( 2 votes ) 6

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