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Ubisoft’s latest campaign for the highly anticipated release of The Crew Motorfest is a spectacle that aims to capture the hearts of gamers, car enthusiasts, and anyone yearning for the thrill of driving. Crafted by Sid Lee Paris, the “Even Dream Cars Have a Dream” campaign is a visual and emotional journey exploring dream cars’ fantasies in a mundane world. But how does it stack up against other advertising campaigns in the gaming industry?

The Concept: A Nostalgic Ode to Driving

The campaign taps into a universal sentiment: the sheer joy and driving freedom. In an era where autonomous cars and stringent regulations threaten the thrill of being behind the wheel, The Crew Motorfest offers a sanctuary. The game allows players to explore the Hawaiian island of O’ahu and partake in many activities, celebrating car culture in all its glory.

The 80-second film, set to “The Sweet Escape” by Gwen Stefani featuring Akon, showcases dream cars like a Lamborghini Huracán Tecnica, a Porsche Taycan Turbo S, and the latest Nissan Z stuck in traffic. They spot a billboard for Motorfest and dream of a world where they can drive freely. The campaign uses VFX and a vibrant orange-pink color palette to bring this dream to life.

A car washed near a waterfall.
A car washed under a waterfall.

Execution: A Mixed Bag

While the concept is strong, the execution leaves room for improvement. The campaign’s reliance on VFX to showcase the game’s vibrant colors feels a bit forced, especially compared to campaigns like Sony’s “Greatness Awaits,” which seamlessly integrated gameplay and real-world elements. Additionally, the choice of “The Sweet Escape” as the soundtrack, though catchy, feels somewhat dated and could alienate younger audiences unfamiliar with the song.

Comparisons: How Does It Measure Up?

Compared to other campaigns from competitors, which used cutting-edge technology to immerse viewers in the game, Ubisoft’s campaign seems to rely more on nostalgia and emotion. While EA focused on showcasing gameplay mechanics and graphics, Ubisoft takes a more narrative approach, which could either be its strength or its downfall, depending on the audience.

A green Lamborghini showcased at Ubisoft's Motorfest event.
The Crew MotorfestEven Dream Cars Have a Dream

Conclusion: An Invitation Worth Accepting?

The campaign invites everyone to experience Motorfest through a Free Trial, allowing players to engage with The Crew Motorfest for free for 5 hours. This intelligent move offers a low-risk entry point for potential players.

However, the campaign could benefit from a more modern touch and a focus on gameplay elements to attract a broader audience. While it excels in evoking emotion and nostalgia, it falls short in showcasing the game’s technical aspects, which are crucial in today’s competitive gaming market.

The Ubisoft ad “Even Dream Cars Have a Dream” is a visually stunning and emotionally charged campaign that could benefit from a more balanced approach. It’s a commendable effort by Ubisoft and Sid Lee Paris, but there’s room for improvement to make it a truly unforgettable campaign.


• Geoffroy Sardin – Senior Vice-president, Sales and Marketing
• Lionel Hiller – Vice-president, Executive publisher
• Edouard D’Alnois – Global Brand Director
• Charles Carrot – Global Brand Manager
• Lina Chaghouri – Global Brand Manager
• Thomas Soulé – Global Brand Manager
• Zoé McClay – Global Brand Manager
• Doriane Paux – Global Brand Manager Assistant
• Amélys Amghar – Global Brand Manager Assistant

Sid Lee
• Johan Delpuech – CEO
• Stéphane Soussan – Executive Creative Director
• Ninon Peres – Copywriter
• Geoffrey Poulain – Art Director
• Yoann Plard – Editor/Motion designer
• Eric Boussenec – Art director
• Margaux André – Account Director
• Louisa Chaouche Teyara – Account Executive
• Thomas Albert – Account Executive
• Laetitia Neves – Head of production
• Mirabelle Yehoussi – Production Assistant
• Bruno Lee – Head of Strategy
• Leah Daymon – Strategist

BIG Productions
Jean-Baptiste Saurel – Director
• Kasia Staniaszek – Producer
• Nicolas Avram – Production director
• Augustin Claramunt – Director of photography
• Natacha Dolard – Post-production director
• Eric Jacquemin – Chief editor

Firm (image post-production)
• Quentin Letout – Supervisor
• Arthur Paux – Calibrator
• Olivier Zibret – Flame
• Julien Barthelemy – After FX
• Omar Camara – Matte painting
• Hugo Jaulin – Houdini
• Bruno Leguern – 3D
• Benoît Revilliod – 3D
• Johan Luce-Antoinette – Post-producer

Benzene (sound post-production)
• Loïc Canevet – Sound designer
• Will Rosati – Sound designer
• Mathias Villeroy – Sound designer
• Heather MacFarlane – Sound producer



A visually stunning and emotionally charged campaign.

Heart or Humor9.0
Reader Rating: ( 1 vote ) 1.9

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