The best Beer Commercials of 2018 – National Beer Lovers Day

National Beer Lover’s Day is observed annually on September 7th. As today is National Beer Lovers Day we made this TOP with The best Beer Commercials of 2018. Enjoy! And, please drink responsibly.

Bud Light: Bud Lights for Everyone featuring Bud Knight

Speight’s: The Dance

Volkswagen: VW BEER

Bud Light: DILLY DILLY! The Bud Knight

Michelob Ultra: The Perfect Fit ft. Chris Pratt

Stella Artois: Taps with Matt Damon

Budweiser: Stand By You

Bud Light: Attack & Spyglass – New Dilly Dilly

Bud Light: Redemption

Budweiser: 2018 FIFA World Cup Drone Film

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