Taco Bell: Belluminati

The advertising agency Deutsch Inc. creates “Belluminati” film, a TV commercial for Taco Bell. The advert talk about a conspiracy named … “The Belluminati.” The marketing story is “Three delicious layers of seasoned beef and melty cheese for just a dollar? Something’s not stacking up here.”

Due to the controversial subject, there are many negative comments like: “Illuminati is in taco bell, I always knew there was a 666 in the bell logo, this commercial just proved I was right all along,” or “and its the serpents eye in the bell and triangle… wake up people, they are satanic and want you in the darkness” or “I’ve lost my love for taco bell their delicious burritos will tempt me no more. open your eyes people they make this seem like a joke but this stuff is real.”

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  1. omg. My husband is obsessed with Freemasonry and this commercial made me and my kids laugh so hard. Way to go, Taco bell!

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