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Sprint unveiled its second consecutive Super Bowl commercial starring the relentless team of Paul the customer and super-intelligent robots Evelyn, Atlas and Sassbot. This year, they’re brainstorming clever ideas to highlight both Sprint’s great value and its better-than-ever network.

The group conjures up the help of two-sport legend Bo Jackson to demonstrate that both is always better. The 30-second commercial, titled “Best of Both Worlds,” shows how switching to Sprint is the only logical choice because getting two things—a great network and a great price—is always better.

The brainstorm intensifies as Paul and the Sprint robots visualize other “best of both worlds” examples: a mermaid (both fish and human), a keytar (both keyboard and guitar) and a Pegasus (both bird and horse). Over the top? Of course…but what better way to drive home the point that Sprint customers also get the best of both worlds?

Bo stops the madness and gets to the point: Sprint can save customers more than $1,000 in the first year over AT&T and Verizon,1 with Paul adding that Sprint’s LTE Advanced network is up to two times faster than before.2 Evelyn concludes that Bo is right.

“Playing both professional football and baseball was an amazing experience,” said Jackson. “It was the best of both worlds. Now I can get the best of both worlds again—a great network and an unbeatable price—by switching to Sprint. Sharing the spotlight with a mermaid, a keytar and a Pegasus was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It was like playing in a ‘best-of-both’ all-star game!”

Teaser spots featuring Bo, Paul and the robots are running online with the hashtag #BothForAll used in social. When using #BothForAll on Twitter, a Sprint-exclusive emoji of robot praise-hands will be displayed. All creative can be viewed on Sprint’s YouTube channel. In addition, help make Sprint one of this year’s favorite Super Bowl commercials by visiting the USA Today Ad Meter to vote.

“Who better to tell the Sprint story of offering both a great value and a great network than a two-sport all-star athlete who really does ‘know,'” said Roger Solé, Sprint’s Chief Marketing Officer. “Bo Jackson personifies the ‘best of both worlds,’ and he recognizes that customers don’t have to compromise with Sprint.”

Sprint 2019 Super Bowl TV Commercial

“You don’t need to be a hyper-smart, artificially intelligent robot to see the obvious, logical choice in wireless networks,” said David Droga, Creative Chairman and Founder of Droga5. “It’s Sprint.”

The commercial was created in partnership with creative agency Droga5 and represents the third time the companies have collaborated on a Super Bowl commercial.



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