Specialized Bicycles: Let’s learn to ride again

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Specialized Bicycles unveiled a good commercial to promotes ebikes. Named “Let’s learn to ride again,” the advert was created by the advertising agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners (GS&P).

The story of the film is that we all learned to ride bikes as children. But before adulthood most people stopped. They lost the thrill, found other ways to get around, or felt cycling was only for hardcore riders like Rich Silverstein.

Specialized Bicycles

But as cities around the world begin to rethink transportation for the future, Turbo electric bikes have the power to be at the forefront of the movement. On a Turbo you can ride faster, farther and for longer than ever before, making it a legitimate transport alternative.

So we created a campaign entirely in-house to celebrate all the benefits of riding Turbo, encouraging everyone to get back on bikes. We invite people to recapture the thrill of cycling, and even call out Donald Trump on a need to fight climate change, ending the film with a rallying cry to the world, “Let’s learn to ride again”.

Specialized Bicycles



Turbo gives people a reason to ride again.

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