Smart: Epic

The new Smart’s campaign is named “Everything but cliche” and was created by advertising agency BBDO, Berlin, Germany. The cast of “Epic” advert: Zach Myers (first cop), Tomike Ogugua cop at the wheel), and David Gironda Jr. (the Smart driver)

According to Adweek the police car jump was filmed with seven cameras—three super-high-speed Phantoms running at 650 frames per second, and four regular Arri motion-picture cameras, running at 120 frames per second in Sofia, Bulgaria. “The brand’s attitude is to question the status quo,” BBDO Berlin executive creative director Michael Schachtner tells Adweek. “Why do we need huge cars when we drive alone most of the time? Why do you need an off-road SUV when you live in the city? Why does a car have to be a symbol of status and prestige instead of just being practical? Why do epic car jumps need to be in slow motion?”

Advertising Agency: BBDO, Berlin, Germany
Creative Director: Michael Schachtner
Directors: The Perlorian Brothers



The "Epic" advert is excellent executed.

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