KLM: Bonding Christmas Buffet

“Bonding Christmas Buffet” is a beautiful KLM campaign. The agency behind this interesting social experiment is DDB & Tribal Amsterdam.

KLM describe the event: “Although Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is a crowded place at Christmas, loads of people spend their transfer time alone – reading a book, or checking their phones. But watch what happens when they bond with each other, instead of their devices. Look up from your screen and you’ll see that magic is in the air.”

KLM creates the Bonding Buffet: a table with a Christmas dinner on top of it, towering 4.5 meters in the air. To get it down, travelers needed to work together. By sitting on any stool around the table, they could bring it down a little bit. When every seat was taken, the table was fully lowered and dinner could start.

In the end, lots of people of over 20 different nationalities bonded with each other over KLM table, bringing some Christmas spirit to a busy airport.

Christmas spirit


Good idea, well executed. Good work KLM! KLM "Bonding Christmas Buffet" is the best 2016 Christmas campaign!

Heart or Humor10.0
Reader Rating: ( 1 vote ) 10

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