Sennheiser: The Oracle

Philipp und Keuntje, Hamburg, Germany create the new Sennheiser campaign: “Relax, it’s an AVX”.
As the target audience is professional videographers, the German agency use a funny story about a videographer mission to record an Oracle answer. The tagline, “Relax – it’s an AVX!”, is a message that you no need to worry whether the sound will be good as Sennheiser allows you to record every sound instantly with its wireless microphone, transmitter and receiver and matches it perfectly to your video recordings.
In the addition to the main 3 minutes video, there are three more short 30 seconds videos to highlight other AVX features: Dynamic Range, Link Protection, and Plug & Record.
The soundtrack by Budapest Art Orchestra is a perfect match to the commercial.
I like that the AVX technology is explained easily to understand. The commercial is memorable and funny.



It's funny and effective so I like it.

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