Jack Link’s Jerky: Messin’ with Sasquatch

The creative advertising agency Carmichael Lynch (an agency started in 1962 with four full-time employees) makes a new campaign for Jack Link’s Jerky: “Messin’ with Sasquatch”. The commercials feature a funny hairy Sasquatch (also known as Bigfoot) for the principal character.
The campaign’s tagline is “Feed Your Wild Side” and has four ads: Fling It, Heads Up, Wedding, Beach Hole, and Flashlights. In the first one ad (and funniest), Fling It a group of friends make fun of Sasquatch but Sasquatch plays the disc golf by his own rules and makes a spectacular and unexpected game.

update: The creative agency for the 2015 work is Mekanism, out of NY/Chicago.

In “Messin’ with Sasquatch” campaign there are four more commercials. All are funny and featuring Bigfoot.

Bigfoot funny commercial


Not so efficient but funny.

Heart or Humor9.0
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