Samsung: Growing Up – Song by Chyvonne Scott

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Samsung unveiled one of the best trolls of the year. It is about how to walk away from an old obsession. Like Apple obsession… The film tries to be genius marketing and criticize Apple moves over the years.

The advert was created by the advertising agency 72andSunny. The background music is the song I’m Moving On by Chyvonne Scott. The actor is Juliet James (Lauren).

With help from media buy, the advert becomes viral in no time.

Chevrone (or Chyvonne) Scott: 1960s soul singer. Blurb taken from Amazon: Although she only had modest commercial success, New York based vocalist Chyvonne Scott was one of the best soul singers to come out of the New York area during the mid-1960’s. Among collectors of rare Northern Soul 45s, her handful of 45s recorded for the small independent Alto label are highly sought after; and for a good reason – they’re great records. Perhaps the best known of these singles is “I’m Movin’ On”, which in subsequent years has become a huge hit on the ‘popcorn’ circuit.

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Apple obsession


One of the best troll of the year.

Heart or Humor9.0

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