iPad Pro — What’s a computer — Apple [720p]

Apple: What’s a computer

In this commercial

The new Apple commercial features Hannah Alligood. Hannah Alligood is recently known for her work on FX Network’s award-winning Better Things (2016), playing the role of “Frankie”.
The Apple advert’s background music is the song Go by Louis The Child.
The commercial promotes iPad Pro with iOS 11.

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  1. I hate this commercial. The “what’s a computer” comment is the dumbest I’ve seen yet. Yeah yeah I get it, but it insults my intelligence. I want to slap that girl silly for being rude and disrespectful to her neighbor. I now change the channel when it comes on.

  2. This commercial is new low, even for Apple. How pretenscious and obnoxious can their ads get? The hipster-child is rude and sums up the repulsive, cult-like behavior the brand cultivates.

  3. I abhor this ridiculous commercial. Such poor taste. Speaking technically, our brains are computers, so nuff said for how utterly obnoxious this multi million dollar ad. I was going to finally bite the bullet and get an ipad soon but screw that. Idiots

  4. Not even just technically but the iPad is a computer in every sense of the word both figuratively and literally and cuturally. It’s an ARM architecture RISC based system. Or to put it simply just a Micro-Computer.

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