Reebok: Be More Human

The new Reebok campaign “Be More Human” was directed by Diego Contreras and created by Venables Bell & Partners in San Francisco, CA. Official hashtags of the Reebok campaign are #BeMoreHuman #StoriesOfProgress

The series encourages people to be the best possible version of themselves physically, mentally and socially and it examines the physical blemishes – from calloused, scarred hands to a worn-out pair of running shoes – upon which our life stories are written.

There are three films in this campaign: ‘Hands,’ ‘Mom,’ and ‘Slide.’

The first spot, ‘Hands’ is a gritty examination of people pushing their bodies to their physical limits, through the tight framing of their beaten hands.

The second advert, ‘Mom’ is a touching look into the relationship between a mother and her daughter, who comes to her mother’s Nano sneakers when trying on heels in her closet. Upon finding the shoes, she gains a newfound admiration for her tough CrossFit parent. The Reebok ‘Mom’ commercial promotes Reebok CrossFit Nano 7.

‘Slide’ tells the story of a man whose life is suddenly disrupted, so he turns to running in an attempt to find purpose and focus as he attempts to rebuild his life. The Reebok ‘Slide’ commercial promotes Reebok Print.

We’re tremendously excited to move into this next phase of Be More Human, the philosophy that underpins everything we do,” said Yan Martin, Vice President, Global Brand Communications at Reebok. “Crucial to this content is a recognition of the importance of human connection, of using the body as a vehicle to communicate with one another and through which we strive to reach our potential. There could be no better expression of this than offering trainers from our ReebokONE network to provide workouts in key cities, and only asking for a handshake in return. We look forward to seeing the impact this will have on people from all walks of life and across the country.

Our hands and our shoes say a lot about what we’ve been through and who we are as people,” said Will McGinness, ECD at Venables Bell & Partners. “We wanted to embrace that truth to further dimensionalize what Be More Human is all about. We’re showing that this commitment to pushing yourself physically can have an impact on your life beyond fitness.

The importance of human connection


Reebok's "Be More Human" is a well thought out marketing campaign.

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