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Porsche unveiled a commercial named “Perfectly irrational.” The advert promotes the new Porsche 718 GT4. The concept of the car is “The new 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport represents pure motorsport. The recipe is well known and proven: lightweight, well-balanced performance. Whether driving it at a track day or in wheel-to-wheel competition, it is in its element. But be careful: the more you drive it, the less you want to stop. The new 718 GT4 Clubsport is more than a commitment to the racetrack, it is a declaration of addiction to motorsport.”

At the heart of the new model is the new four-liter six-cylinder boxer engine, which produces 420 PS.

Viewers’ comments are positive:

“Porsche, thank you for doing the right thing and putting a 6 cylinder with a manual. Now I might trade in my ’17 911S for this! Don’t ever lose focus of the real sport’s drivers who make up part of your customer base.” – Mark M

“Finally, I’ve found my car with Porsche. I have to go to this.”

“Look Toyota, that’s how you make a sports car.” – Mike Darlow

“The perfect driver’s car! Porsche delivers again ♥” – ProjectJamesify

The TV commercial is not innovative and not very creative. But the product is appreciated by the Porche fans, and the commercial is doing its job and communicating the product very well.




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