Pornhub: Socks

Pornhub launches another satire commercial. This time the advert name is Socks. The advert agency is the same Officer & Gentleman, Spain that creates the
“Lonely Night” Christmas advert for Pornhub.
Production Company is Bosalay Films and the film is directed by Iñigo Jiménez. The ad is a satire of sportswear TV commercials.
I like the idea of satire commercial but it could be funnier. Also, it is too long and may be boring for some people.

A concept that will confuse some but amuse many.

Memorability – 7 / 10

It’s not everyday that an online porn platform advertises on TV. This fact alone is enough to make the ad stand out to anyone that has ever heard of the brand. Anyone who hasn’t will be shocked by the name and the language used throughout the clip. Those that have heard of the site are likely to understand every little reference that is cleverly etched into the script. A lot of attention has gone into ensuring the gags within the clip are somewhat hidden and only detectable to those who have a good understanding of the subject matter.

Effectiveness – 9 / 10

For the first pornsite advert that most viewers will have ever seen, it does a fine job of mentioning the brand clearly, relating to the target audience and putting a brave and humorous spin on a subject that has long been kept well away from the limelight of TV. Will it draw viewers and subscribers? In a way yes. The ad attempts to normalize porn by making a joke of it. In this clip the message is, “come and have a blast, because everyone else is”.

Style – 8 / 10

Almost every scene within this clip along with every line of dialogue is hugely relevant to the target market. Men doing sports, winning, being aggressive, taking charge and feeling as strong as possible, are all heavy notions that tie in perfectly with the product and brand. The soundtrack isn’t too exciting, so it allows the visuals and dialogue to stand out. Do we think the gags and references could be a little more subtle? If they were, it probably wouldn’t be anywhere near as punchy and provocative as it is, and a advert for porn certainly needs to be provocative. We love the scenery, the dark gritty settings and average looking guys cast throughout.

Heart or Humor – 8 / 10

This is all humor and there’s tons of it if you know where to look. From sneaky shameless references to full on sock gags at the end, the comedy is crammed in to keep the subject light and enjoyable.

Execution – 9 / 10

Fantastic visuals and catchy scenes make the concept work well. It fulfills its prime objective of portraying porn as fun and heading towards the mainstream. This is the most powerful porn brand in the world and after seeing this commercial, many men may very well be left asking themselves, “why is this the first porn ad there’s ever been?” The simple answer is, until now, it’s always been a private subject. This concept is one huge attempt at making it far less private and far more “the done thing”.

Push your body to the limit



Heart or Humor8.0
Reader Rating: ( 2 votes ) 4.6

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