Pond’s Men: Bodybuilder

Pond’s Men, a Unilever brand, unveiled a funny commercial named “Bodybuilder.” The hilarious video was created by the advertising agency Ogilvy Singapore to promote Pond’s Men Lightning Oil Clear.
The agency producer is Ali Loveday-Herzinger and the film was directed by Diego Nuñez Irigoyen from Stink.
The marketing message is “Oily skin can give you really awkward moments. And these moments feel they last forever.
That’s why you need Pond’s Men Lightning Oil Clear. It gives you oil control that lasts longer.
Don’t miss out! Pond’s Men Lightning Oil Clear is coming to stores really soon!”



Awkward and hilarious! I like it!

Heart or Humor10.0
Reader Rating: ( 10 votes ) 9.8

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  1. does anyone know the song? can’t really find it on google hahahaha this is our moment to treasure our love treasure….


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