Pixonic: Walking War Robots – Father’s Day

Created by LightHouse Films, this :30 online and social media spot celebrated Father’s Day for Pixonic’s “Walking War Robots” (WWR) mobile game (the game recently passed 15 million downloads). Directed by Ray Zablocki, the spot opens on a man playing “WWR” on his mobile in his living room. Hearing an explosion sound coming from upstairs, he peeks in on his teen son, who gives him a “what?” look while appearing to study from a notebook. Another loud noise prompts the father to barge in again only to find his son playing “WWR” on his iPad instead of studying. Having found a common interest in the game, the father-son duo then bonds over playing together.

The tagline is “Mission “Cool Dad”: Complete!”

The father was played by Kent Koren and the son by Jeremiah Burch.

As part of the marketing Father’s Day campaign, Pixonic also shared inspirational real-life stories from fathers and children on its company blog to show that games can bridge generations, regardless of age, with “Walking War Robots” as a particular favorite amongst family members.

LightHouse Films is a creative video agency and commercial production company based in New York.

Cool Dad


Pixonic did a good job to emphasize the idea that the games are truly capable of bridging generations.

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