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Atomic, London, UK creates this the 48-sec short film “We Are Animal,” a funny advert for Peperami. Directed by Rick and Mario at Partizan, the advert parodies some 80’s films and sports ads.

According to the-foods-we-loved, Peperami is a pork salami sausage snack manufactured by Jack Link’s in Germany and sold in the United Kingdom. According to Unilever, it was first shipped to the UK by accident in a container which was supposed to be carrying pâté. The company decided to attempt to sell the shipment to the UK market under the brand name ‘Peperami’.
The “Animal” is the mascot of the Peperami brand since around 1993. He is an anthropomorphized Peperami sausage stick who wears black boots. A “bit of an animal” (as the marketing slogan goes) and a “crazy wee fella”, he has a bad attitude with an ill temper and a bold and sometimes-psychotic streak, that which has been toned down somewhat in recent years. He is also unafraid of injury or getting eaten, as seen in certain ads that he stars in.
He also has a self-destructive side to himself, as, in one ad, he ate off his own arms. Another example is when, in the advertisement for Peperami Noodles, he dives into a blender, laughing maniacally as he was chopped into pieces. In yet another instance, he moisturizes himself with applesauce before turning on garbage disposal and jumping into it to “exfoliate”.
The Animal also has a burning hatred towards vegetables and vegetarians.
From 1993 to 2010, he was voiced by Adrian Edmondson. From 2014 onwards, he is voiced by Enn Reitel.

Advertising Agency: Atomic, London, UK
Creative Directors: Dave Henderson, Guy Bradbury
Creative team: Mathew Welch, Simon Welch
Producers: Tim Page, Phoebe Fleming
Business Director: Louise Rudaizky
Account Director: Catherine Martyn
Project Director: Alex Coxhill
Production Company: Partizan
Directors: Rick and Mario
Marketing Director: Pavan Chandra
Brand Manager: Ilona Weydeveld



It is funny if you are not vegetarian.

Heart or Humor8.0
Reader Rating: ( 2 votes ) 10

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