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PayPal announced today they are collaborating with actor Neil Patrick Harris to help people shop safe amidst the ongoing pandemic, sharing his advice and tips to navigate in-store shopping in this new normal. He is known for playing the title character Barney Stinson on How I Met Your Mother (2005–2014, for which he was nominated for four Emmy Awards)

With shoppers increasingly preferring digital payment offerings for in-store shopping, PayPal and Venmo recently introduced touch-free QR code payments for customers to safely shop at more than 8,200 standalone CVS Pharmacy locations nationwide. To help shoppers follow safe shopping etiquette in-store, Neil Patrick Harris visited his local CVS to show shoppers how it’s done.

“[…] I know firsthand how important it is to follow safety protocols like wearing a mask and practicing social distancing to help contain and slow the spread of the virus,” Harris shared. “Paying for everyday essentials touch-free with PayPal and Venmo QR Codes at your local CVS is just one simple way you can protect yourself, fellow shoppers, and store employees as we navigate these challenging times together.”

To further help consumers shop safely in-store, Neil is sharing his tips and tricks to navigate in-store shopping in this new normal.



I like it.

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