Kia: Kia & X-Men

The new KIA’s commercial “Save the Australian Open with Kia” features Rafael Nadal and the theme is X-Men. The commercial promote all-new Kia Sorento and try to leverage the Kia sponsorship of Australian Open 2015.
It is a good ad but the media buy on youtube was way too aggressive and the results, beside over 13.6 mil views, was not so positive. People complain about the loud sound and how many times this ad that keep being shown to them

this advert makes me hate youtube. it even makes me hate myself sometimes. why would you start an advert with loud disturbing screeching sounds and pay for it to play before every video on youtube.

and this:

this advert is utterly infuriating and damaging to people’s hearing. From now on I will only hurl abuse at a Kia and therefore by association also at their drivers. 

and others so many negative comments (almost all of the total of 77 comments). Also, after 13.6 mil views there are only 87 likes and more dislikes (127), so you can do the math.

I think the media planner got huge funds to promote the ad on youtube and seeking to maximize the impact of Kia advertising campaign just skip the “Frequency capping” from “video ads advanced settings“. The results: the video was shown over and over again to the same viewers and this is just annoying no matter how good is the commercial.

youtube ads settings

The Kia’s commercials are good but the media planner should be improved in online. If the youtube viewers are being overexposed the comments may hurt the brand.

Super powers?


How much youtube ads is too much?

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