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Get Into My Cart

Amazon debuted a Prime Day ad named ‘Get Into My Cart’. This is the full-length video version of the Jon Batiste Amazon ad.
Who Is The Singer In The Prime Day Commercial? The singer is five-time Grammy winner Jon Batiste. The song was created for this commercial.

The Amazon commercial tagline is “Get your carts ready, coz Prime Day’s coming.

Amazon Prime Day ad feature Jon Batiste
Batiste has garnered five Grammy Awards from 11 nominations, including an Album of the Year win for his album We Are.



The full-length video is even better.

Heart or Humor9.0
Reader Rating: ( 5 votes ) 7.2

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  1. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS COMMERCIAL! It’s so fun and Mr. Baptiste is an amazing and entertaining singer. I’m actually excited for Prime Day and contemplating renewing my Amazon Prime membership. Now, every time the commercial comes on my television, I stop whatever I’m doing to sing and rock out to the music…OH, YESSS! ITS ON NOW, I GOTTA GO!!!

  2. I love that prime day, Jon Baptist, commercial, but there is a art in the song that I just can’t seem to figure out and it’s driving me nuts! And the captions never seem to work during that portion of the song/commercial/jingle! I’d love to know the full and true lyrics so badly! And I to love to watch and jam along with that commercial too! But, someone please ????, ???? I beg of you, send me or post the full lyrics so I can stop going crazy nutsoid over this!!!! Sincerely, Jennifer Mellette

    1. For this commercial, Batiste reimagined Billy Ocean’s 1988 hit “Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car” and filmed an accompanying music video.

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