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Apple commercial – Hard Knocks

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The most durable Apple Watch ever

The Apple commercial – Hard Knocks was created in-house and directed by Craig Gillespie through the production company MJZ.

The Apple advert shows the durability of the Apple Watch Series 7 and the background music is the song “Power of My Love” by Jack White.

Apple Watch Series 7 features a redesigned front crystal with a stronger and more robust geometry that is over 50 percent thicker than that of the Apple Watch Series 6, making it more crack-resistant without compromising optical clarity. Apple Watch Series 7 is also certified IP6X dust-resistant, making it more durable in environments like the beach or the desert, while still maintaining excellent swimming performance with a water resistance rating of WR50 (A water-resistance rating of 50 meters).

Apple commercial - Hard Knocks
Hard Knocks

The advert is efficient as the message is well sent to the audience, and the product is shown a lot.



The message is well sent to the audience, the product is shown a lot.

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