Jeep: Recalculating

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The Jeep brand is launching its North American marketing campaign for the all-new 2017 Jeep Compass. The “Recalculating” campaign was created by the Jeep brand in partnership with DDB Chicago. The production company is RSA Films.

The 60-second “Recalculating” anthem spot features purposeful storytelling highlighting millennials (and those in broader life stages) navigating through the many twists and turns of life, with each shift in direction – from career changes, marriage, relocation, and parenthood – inevitably creating new challenges and obstacles. Both invigorating and sometimes terrifying, each unfamiliar direction offers a new opportunity to discover, refine and express their identity to the world. The spot proclaims, “Whatever the destination, with the right compass as a guide, there are a million beautiful ever-changing ways to get us there.” I like the touch of the robotic voice of a GPS.

In addition to TV, the campaign includes print, in-cinema 3D, digital advertising, CRM and experiential activations.

The background music from the Jeep commercial is fantastic. This song within this spot is a custom track, entitled “B. Free”.

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Excellent music, powerful message. Jeep: Recalculating is a well-done advert.

Heart or Humor10.0

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