Jack in the Box: JACK vs MARTHA – 2018 Super Bowl Commercial

Jack in the Box is back to the Super Bowl with an advert created by the advertising agency David&Goliath. Named JACK vs MARTHA, the commercial features … Martha Stewart.
The film is well done and it promotes Jack in the Box Asian Fried Chicken Sandwich with the tagline “It’s a good thing.”

The story of this advert was imagined by David&Goliath is “Oh no she didn’t! Martha Stewart totally called out fast food for not having gourmet sandwiches, and Jack was all like, “I don’t think so! You should try my new Asian Fried Chicken Sandwich.” But Martha was like “No way…” and then she like totally ripped off his nose. And then Jack was like, “That was really messed up, Martha.” And Martha just looked at him and didn’t even apologize or anything. Not cool, Martha. Not cool. So now Jack’s starting a social media war. Take that, Martha! #JACKvsMARTHA”



It is a good ad for Super Bowl.

Heart or Humor9.0
Reader Rating: ( 1 vote ) 5.6

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