Honda: Honda HR-V Dream Run

In this commercial

Crazy commercial made by Leo Burnett, Melbourne, Australia for Honda. The ad features All-new Honda HR-V.
In this funny commercial a man named Brian read in a restaurant the book Lucid dreaming by Peter Marshall-Ulberg (I didn’t find this book on Amazon so I suppose it is just fictional). After some strange things happens with his food he run out of the restaurant where two soldiers screaming “get up” and “Wake up now Bryan“. Also there is the funny Terry dog…

Dream Run


It is funny and crazy. I like it!

Heart or Humor10.0
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  1. The most eminent researcher and author on the subject would probably have to be Stephen LaBerge:

    LaBerge, Stephen (1985). Lucid Dreaming: The power of being aware and awake in your dreams. ISBN 0-87477-342-3.

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