Headspace Super Bowl ad 2022 ft John Legend

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Headspace unveiled its “Love Yourself Like A Legend” campaign featuring award-winning singer, songwriter, and Headspace partner, John Legend. Revealed just ahead of Valentine’s Day in the brand’s first-ever Super Bowl 2022 commercial, the campaign encourages people around the world to focus on self-love, with new tools and resources both in and outside of the Headspace app.

Headspace Super Bowl ad 2022 ft John Legend
Sleep with John Legend

“After a Valentine’s Day full of giving to our loved ones, we still have to save some love and care for ourselves,” said John Legend. “Self-care starts with a good night’s sleep. We all need it, and I’m excited to partner with my friends at Headspace to share my sleepcast and sleep playlist with the world.”

In mid-March, John Legend will also be taking over Headspace’s popular microcast, Radio Headspace. Downloaded over two million times a month, Radio Headspace invites listeners every weekday morning for 3-4 minutes to mindfully pause, reflect, and consider what brings us together in this shared human condition and how we can live a life that best reflects our limitless potential. Serving as the week’s special guest host, Legend will share personal stories about his life and give practical advice on self-care, dedication, and of course, love.

“Love Yourself Like A Legend” campaign reminds people to focus on self-care and self-love when burnout and anxiety are at an all-time high.

The new Headspace and John Legend campaign includes two new TV spots, beginning with “Sleep with John Legend” which will air during the Big Game festivities. In this comedic 30-second spot, the globally-renowned singer draws viewers in with his gaze while cozy next to a fireplace. In a cheeky tone, he invites the audience to sleep with him by recommending his new sleep content in the Headspace app. Headspace’s second TV spot, “Love Yourself Like A Legend”, which encourages viewers to practice self-love, will begin airing the day after Valentine’s Day.

The “Love Yourself Like A Legend” campaign marks the second year of Headspace’s partnership with John Legend. Together, they launched focus music in the Headspace app, designed to create the ideal conditions for mindful work and to help members prioritize what matters most to them. A few examples of artists who have created Focus Music playlists for Headspace include film score composer and record producer Hans Zimmer; and singer-songwriter, record producer, and actress Erykah Badu. In 2021, Headspace and John Legend also released a YouTube series, “Music On My Mind,” which explored the different ways music can improve lives with the help and guidance of two cognitive neuroscientists.

“Our vision at Headspace is to create a world where everyone is kind to their minds,” said Amy Davis, Vice President of Global Brand Marketing at Headspace. “With ‘Love Yourself Like a Legend’, we’re using a cultural moment and humor to deliver a very important and often overlooked message: for people to take care of the most important relationship they have – the one with themselves.”

Love Yourself Like A Legend



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