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Heart or Humor

We all appreciate what it’s like to have your beautiful car threatened by the messy behavior of a passenger’s pet. In the latest Genesis ad, “Driver Versus Fierce Cute Dog”, man’s protective instinct for his most prized possession is cleverly depicted. The “Driver Versus Fierce Cute Dog” TV commercial was created by the advertising agency Jung von Matt/Neckar, Germany.
Here we evaluate the strength of this humorous ad and give it our ratings out of 10 for memorability, effectiveness, style, humor, and execution. Have a read through this review to see what we think.

Memorability – 6 / 10

Car ads that play on the concept of a man’s overly protective attitude towards his vehicle have been done before. Quite a lot. To stand out nowadays, you have to create something unignorable. Although the ad features attractive visuals of the product, good production value and is based on a solid relatable idea; we couldn’t help feel this concept possessed an almost cliche vibe. It’s not as a clip that is easy to remember and features very little outstanding content that sticks to our long term memory.

Effectiveness – 6 / 10

The car is shown off very well, with a huge array of shots delivering great views of all sides, interior decor, as well as the attractive dashboard. This goes some way in meeting the adverts first primary objects, presenting the selling points of the car. Genesis is a premium brand seeking to communicate with a middle-class market. The idea of the car being used by a high-end chauffeur to transport a high-end customer is a great way to directly position the car as a luxury product worthy of 1st class users. The brand is let down by a poorly drafted script ridden with cheesy unrelatable lines.

Style – 7 / 10

With a substantial production, budget comes crisp visuals with great lighting and impressive cinematography. The scenes are so easy on the eyes that viewers won’t tire from taking them in over and over, this is perhaps the adverts greatest feature. It has clearly been designed for conditioning purposes, not to go viral or win any advertising awards. This is purely a mass coverage commercial designed to pound a very clear message into the target audience; “this is our beautiful car, this is why it’s good for”.

Heart or Humor – 6 / 10

This commercial is 100% geared for humor. The dog is cute and represents every man’s fear of terrible stains on fine luxury seats. The climax to the ad is somewhat of a predictable letdown. A fine example of lazy writing. Creativity was evidently not the priority here. Although the idea of an overly “snobby” character getting her “just desserts”, is a concept that will surely relate with precisely the correct target market of middle aged and senior male drivers.

Execution – 7 / 10

The concept overall has been handled with good style and passable humor. It won’t be setting the youtube record books on fire, but certainly, does the job to an expected extent. We’re impressed with the fine cinematography displayed in this clip, and certainly, believe the vehicle is portrayed in a scenario and setting that is well in line with the campaigns essential objectives.

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Good style and passable humor


Heart or Humor6.0
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