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The new Geico advert features the song “Whoomp! (There It Is)” by DC ”The Brain Supreme” Glenn and Steve “Rolln” Gibson of the 1990s rap duo Tag Team.

About Tag Team band: Tag Team is an American hip hop/pop-rap duo from Atlanta, Georgia. They are best known for their 1993 multiplatinum single, “Whoomp! (There It Is).”
The duo is made up of Cecil Glenn (DC the Brain Supreme) and Steve Gibson (Steve Rolln)
DC Glenn was born in Chicago, Illinois, and Steve Gibson was born in Omaha, Nebraska. Both moved to Denver, Colorado, as young children.

TAG TEAM: Stephen Gibson
TASHA: Nicci Carr
HUSBAND/DAD: Anthony Goolsby
DAUGHTER: Amethyst Davis
AVO: Andrew Anthony

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Heart or Humor10.0
Reader Rating: ( 12 votes ) 9.2

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  1. It’s an okay commercial but whoever wrote the description above needs to change careers. The first sentence and the second say the same thing only with different wording. The fact that it begins with three superlative “More over..” makes it even worse.
    Hate to be the grammar police here but even in today’s world of encapsulating an entire thought in X number of characters, writing coherently needs to be the standard for which we strive. Especially in ANY type of professional writing that expected to be taken seriously.

    1. It is all done in fun. You need to lighten up. So critical over something so fun.

  2. It’s good fun. The only person taking themself seriously is the kid. A typical phenomenon. The older folks are dusting off their moooves.

    1. I agree! lol I’m nowhere near a rap lover, but lately I’ve heard some songs that I actually like! This one peps you up!

  3. I never watch anything live unless it’s PBS, due to ads. Always tivo and FF through commercials. That being said I LOVE this ad, even slow down to watch it. Always makes me smile. Kudos to all.

  4. I normally mute or fast forward commercials , but not this one.
    For this – I take a dance break !
    Evert single actor in it is great . Proving there are no small parts just small actors.
    Especially love the embarrassed teen.

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