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Burger King – poop emoji ice-cream

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Burger King unveiled a new unusual marketing campaign. Created by the advertising agency David São Paulo, the new advert is even more disgusting than Burger King’s Moldy whopper spot.

It may be a funny commercial, but it depends on your sense of humor.

Burger King - poop emoji ice-cream

“Just like we did with the Moldy Whopper, we are using a powerful and memorable visual to make people think about what’s in their food and making a strong point about ours”, says Renata Leão and Edgar Gianesi, Executive Creative Directors at DAVID São Paulo.

“Our goal was to show in a funny way that our product -no matter how it looks- is the cleanest of all. The important thing is what’s inside: a tasty ice cream without artificial ingredients of any kind,” says Juliana Cury, Marketing Director at Burger King Brazil. The product is available this season only. The company is still mulling over whether to make it a permanent item on the menu.



Good or bad? Depends on your sense of humor.

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