Bud Light: Ye Olde Pep Talk – DILLY DILLY!

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Bud Light unveiled a new ‘Dilly Dilly’ commercial. The series of ‘Dilly Dilly’ ads were created by the advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy. Those medieval commercials going viral and it represent a marketing success for Bud Light.

Named “Ye Olde Pep Talk,” this new 45-second Bud Light commercial is about a king that inspires his loyal subjects in a time of great distress.

What does “Dilly Dilly” mean? Even the Anheuser-Busch InBev Chief Marketing Officer Miguel Patricio said that “Dilly Dilly” doesn’t mean anything, some people claim that the ‘Dilly Dilly’ can be used as a sort of cheer.

Dilly Dilly is one of the best beer campaigns in last years.

The King


Brilliant campaign.

Heart or Humor10.0
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