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ASUS: We Are Those Who Dare

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Republic of Gamers, an ASUS sub-brand for gaming devices, unveiled a commercial featuring five ambassadors: actor Asa Butterfield, skateboarder Nyjah Huston, basketball player Karl-Anthony Towns, DJ Alan Walker, and footballer Son Heung-Min.
Filmed in London, the film was produced by The Mill. The Mill has also had previous experience working on feature films such as “Gladiator,” for which they won an Academy Award.

Anticipation, expectations, stage fright, and potential injury all come up when these ROG ambassadors go to work every day, and the film utilizes unique imagery and stunts to examine how these all-stars overcome their anxieties. The film demonstrates how individuals draw strength by having the courage to dare to overcome fears.
The film utilizes practical effects, including a gasoline-fueled ring of fire and skateboard jumps over a 7-foot razor-wire-lined fence, to illustrate how far ROG’s ambassadors are willing to go in pursuing excellence.

The tagline advert is “Those Who Dare.”

“We are incredibly proud to unveil a project that has been in the works for the past few months. ROG has always been committed to embodying our tagline of ‘For Those Who Dare,’ be it through our products or through the ambassadors that represent us,” said Galip Fu, the Global Consumer Marketing Director for ROG. “With the release of this film, we hope to invite our viewers into the world of ROG, demonstrating what it means to dare to overcome.”

The film “We Are Those Who Dare” features Karl Anthony Towns with the Strix SCAR, Nyjah Huston with the Strix G, Asa Butterfield with the Flow Z13, Alan Walker with the Zephyrus G14, and Son Heung-Min with the Flow X16. No matter how gamers approach their play, ROG has a laptop for their style. “I’m always looking for new tech and innovations in that world, and ROG seems to be kind of pushing the boat out a lot,” said Butterfield.

Fear is simply an obstacle to overcome for these legends. All stunts were done without doubles, including the ring of fire and skateboard jump over a razor-wire-lined fence. “I like doing shoots like this where I can skate something proper like I did today,” said Huston. “It’s always fun to mix in what I do as a skateboarder with a brand like ROG.” As true ambassadors of the ROG spirit, these all-stars overcame all obstacles in their path with determination.

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