Applegate: Welcome to the Deli

Advertising agency Taxi creates two funny commercials for Applegate. The first ad is “Welcome to the Deli!” featuring a man dressed like a cow and talk like a Russian.

The headline ad is “What’s in your sandwich?” and it promote all-natural meat.

You can watch the second one (Green Leaf):

Hilarious TV commercial


I watch this ad four times and still I was smiling.

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  1. I don’t know who you are polling on your commercial, but I think it is the dumbest, most ridiculous commercial. You are pulled into the stupidness of the commercial that it loses the main idea of promoting your product. After having to be subjected to it many times I finally had enough and figured out that you are trying to sell packaged deli meats. Please find another way to promote your product that doesn’t insult my intelligence.

  2. I hate this com. and have decided not to watch any program that shows it. Not interested in a green leaf package from that guy!


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