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The advertising agency Humanaut creates blockbuster ads for the Apeel Sciences. Dan Jacobs directs the advert.

Apeel’s plant-based protection adds an extra “peel” to slow the rate of oxidation and moisture loss. It works by sealing moisture in and keeping oxygen out, maintaining the fruit’s quality for longer.

The Apeel Sciences “Spoiler Alert!” campaign features six videos—five 15-second spots and one 60-second spot.


  • Ads are fun
  • The product is well explained
  • The style is interesting


  • Silly style does not convince the buyer
  • It would be good to find out the scientific motivation
Apeel Blockbuster Ads
Apeel Blockbuster Ads

Credits of Apeel Blockbuster Ads

Agency: Humanaut
Chief Creative Director: David Littlejohn
VP Creative: Dan Jacobs
Creative Director: Nathan Dills
Associate Creative Director: Steven Preisman
Designers: Jesse Filoteo, Travis Hitchcock
Creative Producers: Chira Bamarni, Zach Plating
Senior Brand Producer: Caty Hicks
Junior Brand Producer: Brooke Frazzetto
Creative Coordinator: Tarrisha Hicks
Agency Production Coordinator: Teralyn Wade

Production Company: Humanaut
Executive Producer: Tommy Wilson
Producer: Rachel Bohanon
Director: Dan Jacobs
Director of Photography: Kyler Potter
Assistant Director: Samuel Ibach
Associate Producer: Anna Roncskevitz
Production Coordinator: Carolita Claus
Art Director: Paul Merchant
Post Production Supervisor: Kyler Potter
Editor: Jeri Eduave
Assistant Editor: Jacob Dunn
Color: David George
Audio Mix: Danny Cooper



I like the style of this campaign.

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