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Wonderful Pistachios: Put a Smile on Your Snackface


Heart or Humor

As the fashion for healthy snacks grows, so too will the number of brands entering the market that need to attract the increasing entertainment obsessed young adult demographics. Here, we look at the latest ad by Snackface which aims to stand out through a highly comedic approach. Have a look at our rating out of 10 and see if you would judge this advertisement differently.
Created by the advertising agency Wonderful Agency, the Wonderful Pistachios’ commercial features Richard Sherman, an American football cornerback for the Seattle Seahawks of the National Football League (NFL).

Memorability – 9 / 10

As the market for premium health foods floods, the need to stand out increases. This concept makes good use of young adult humor to effectively connect with its key target audience. The jokes are not easy to forget as they touch on subjects that are arguably quite dark in nature, but the tone and styling ensure the content is received in a light and humorous manner. A simplistic concept with no distractions of complex movements ensures the message is delivered with pristine clarity.

Effectiveness 8 / 10

Does it make us want to run out and grab a bag of Snackface? Almost. If you’ve never had Snackface before, the sheer uniqueness of the ad will provoke you to perhaps give it a try. If you have tried it in the past, the ad acts a reminder of what the snack stands for; being different, looking after yourself, and doing what you please in the name of self-satisfaction. We would not be surprised to discover spikes in consumers searching the brands’ name directly after consuming this clip via TV or social media.

Style – 7 / 10

The setting of the ad is very plain and perhaps this is meant to bring focus to the script and overall brand message, but the overwhelming impression we get is that the snacks may prove a little more basic that we expect. An approach this is too explosive may be the wrong way to go, but surely more of an effort could have been made to imply the product is especially tasty and unmissable. The characters do a fine job of playing their respective roles. The lead is a strong charismatic storyteller and “Kate” gives an unmistakable average joe impression flawlessly. The combination goes a long way in helping to underline the ads humor and aggressive comedic theme.

Heart or Humor – 8 / 10

The humor in this ad is very direct and certainly feels relevant to a millennial consumer. The message is, “you may not be perfect, but there’s no reason you can’t work on it”. It’s a message that will hit hard with a generation of health-conscious snackers that care about what they eat, how they are perceived, and how fashionable their decisions are. By placing the
brand in a humorous light, the emphasis is taken away from quality and put more on being on trend.

Execution – 8 / 10

A great medley of gags and modern humor ensures the ad connects with the right viewer. Clever casting and suitable setting production allow the message to come through clearly and with the right tone. The ad is memorable and provoking. The only thing that is missing is the impression that the snack is well worth hunting down and trying right away.

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Put a Smile


A funny campaign.

Heart or Humor8.0
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