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The advertising agency DDB and the creative agency Palm + Havas create a new campaign for Volkswagen. There are two TV ads part of the campaign. First is named “Hooky” (it promotes Volkswagen Atlas) and second is named “Moving.” (it promotes Volkswagen Tiguan).
Both adverts are funny, but the first one creates some negative comments from viewers.
The advert “Hooky” is about a boy and his sister who are saved from school by their parents because their uncle Edward died. At the end we find out that Uncle Edward does not exist, this being just one reason that the whole family can go to a fun park.
So, no wonder that there are comments like “Way to set a crappy example Volkswagen. School isn’t important kids. Just continuously lie so you can skip” or “I took great offense to this commercial. It devalues life, encourages lying.”

The tagline is “More Room Means More Fun.”

Actors in the Volkswagen Hooky commercial: Zakary Risinger … Son Cleo Fraser … Older sister The second Volkswagen’s commercial is named Moving and this advert provoked a massive dispute on the Internet. A number of negative comments such as: “Volkswagen approve of women stealing their ex-partners’ belongings.” or “Is there a follow up commercial where she is arrested for stealing his furniture?” or “It is not explained why Jeff “failed miserably” at all. Maybe the girl failed miserably at being a loving girlfriend and he stopped caring about her, and care more about the game?” or “Oh well, Volkswagens are for smart women, I’m only a dumb guy so I’ll just have to buy something else.” or “All I see is him taking off the headset and realizing someone robbed him.”



Not bad.

Heart or Humor8.0
Reader Rating: ( 9 votes ) 3.3

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