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Vodafone’s UK Christmas advert celebrates how innovative technology can help people share wonderful experiences even if they are apart and it tells a heart-warming story.

A young boy can’t go out to play because he has a broken leg; instead, he has to watch his sister enjoying the Christmas snow. His sadness and frustration at missing out is shared by so many of us …. But all is not lost.

His sister has left a very special Christmas present for him under his bed – a virtual reality headset and haptic suit. When he puts them on, the technology enables him to share a magical sledging experience with his sister in real-time over Vodafone’s high-speed 5G network.

He sees what she sees, and the haptic suit simulates what she feels – the cold of the snow, the speed, and the impact of the bumps down the slope. Even a broken leg can’t stop him joining in the fun as if he were right there himself.

A virtual reality headset and a haptic body suit enable the TV ad character to share a magical sledging experience
This Christmas we wanted to celebrate the power of human connection by dramatizing the special relationship between siblings,” says Max Taylor, Vodafone UK’s Consumer Director.

Using the power of 5G, we wanted to demonstrate the future and full potential of this technology in helping to maintain connections in those moments where we cannot be together.”

The campaign also features a reimagined Christmas Light Display to ‘Brighten Up Britain’. Powered by 5G and launching in December, it will enable families to see their children’s Christmas card designs recreated on a big and beautiful light installation.

The display will be live-streamed, with the imagery sent back to the budding artists so they can use it in e-cards to send to friends and family.



I like it.

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