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Tennent’s Lager: Because Life is Bigger than Beer

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Tennent’s unveiled a 102-sec film as part of its ad campaign to communicate the brand’s sustainable approaches.

Wellpark Brewery is a brewery in Duke Street in the East End of Glasgow, Scotland. The company produces Tennent’s Lager, Scotland’s market-leading brand of pale lager since it was first produced at the Wellpark Brewery in 1885.

The company’s message is:

“If it’s true that you’re a product of your environment, then we’re lucky our environment is beautiful Scotland.

We don’t think there’s anywhere better in the world to make beer, and we’re on a journey to make sure future generations can still enjoy Tennent’s in the same stunning country we all live in now.

David Attenborough is right: plastic’s not fantastic and by 2021 we’ll be single-use plastic-free. This will take 150 tonnes of plastic out of the environment each year (that’s the same weight as a blue whale. A nice wee fact for ye, there).

But that’s not enough.

So, by 2025, not only will we be completely plastic-free – we’ll also be carbon-neutral. And our new CO2 recovery system will take the equivalent of 27,000 flights to London of CO2 out of the atmosphere. Because we all need to do a bit more for our big, wide world.

Loch Katrine provides us the fresh highland water needed to make Tennent’s Lager — a source that’ll never run out, given that it gets handily topped up by the glorious Scottish rain. And we’ve also reduced annual water usage at our brewery by 24.3 million liters. That’s 42 million pints. Cheers to that!

We work with more than 100 Scottish farms, many for generations, to provide another key ingredient: our golden barley. Harvested from the Borders to the Black Isle, we’re committed to only ever using the best of Scotland to make Scotland’s best.

We’ve always wanted to bring you the very best lager we can. But that doesn’t mean just making a great, crisp, refreshing pint. It also means wanting to do right by Scotland and working towards bettering our environment.”

Sustainable approaches


Not bad.

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