Sparkling Ice: What The Flavor

Nothing goes better with Bread n Butter than Sparkling Ice, as evident in the new campaign directed by kaboom’s Erik Moe. There are four hilarious spots in this campaign: “WTF,” “Dis Rap,” “Fruit Wheel,” and “Fruit Rocket.” The spots are a comedic take on the advertising industry, where an effervescent duo of eager interns seeks original ways to sell Sparkling Ice. A music video, spinning prize wheels, and viral stunts – all make their boss think WTF. What The Flavor, that is.

According to Tommy Hernandez, Creative Director: “Working with kaboom was to have a true partner in the creative process from start to delivery. Erik’s passion for comedy and talent in eliciting amazing performances were not only essential but made the experience as fun as what you see on the screen.

The campaign is fresh and full of energy. I like it!

Agency: Bread n Butter
Production Company: Kaboom Productions
Director: Erik Moe
EP/Owner: Lauren Schwartz
Head of Production: Steven Sills
DP: Joe Meade
Post Supervisor (kaboom): Jade Santos
Editor: Doug Werby, kaboom editorial
Assistant Editor: Scott Limanek
Audio Mixer: Jay Shilliday, Slate Run Productions
Colorists: Sean Wells, Swells Studio
Finish: Marco Ramirez, Marco Ram Films

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Well executed!

Heart or Humor9.0
Reader Rating: ( 1 vote ) 6.8

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