INVITA - Brass[1080, Mp4]

Invita: Brass

Directed by Toke Blicher Møller, the Invita´s new TV commercial is set out to visualize the dream of a kitchen. The focal point of the woman´s dream is the aesthetics and details of the modern kitchen. The film let her dreamworld portray the minimalistic and Scandinavian look of Invita’s kitchen series. A minimalistic advert for a minimalistic Scandinavian style.

Director: Toke Blicher Møller
DoP: Nicolas Bluff
Line Producer: Malou Færch Nielsen
Executive Producer: Christian Juliussen
1 AC: Peter Topsøe
Gaffer: Morten Kildegaard
Lighting technician: Thomas Spoon Menzer
Grip: Jeppe Lassen
Production Assistant: Sofie Theil Larsen
Actor: Ditte Arnth
Husband: Christian
Salesman: Johnny
Set design: Thomas Langhoff
Set-design assistent: Kasper Aastradsen
Stylist: Jane Marshall Whittaker
Makeup and Hair: Yunah Rädecker
Editor: Freddie Smith
Colorist: Nurali Kushkov (Cameo)
Sounddesign: Miccel Mohr
VFX and Compositing: Pingo Van Der Brinkloev and Toke Blicher Møller Executive Producer: Christian Juliussen
Runner: Charli Taft
Production Company: Shoot Happens
Agency: Envision
Creatives: Victoria Klougart Wildt, Jonas Nørregaard Account Manager: Tomas Olesen
Client: Invita



Good direction.

Heart or Humor7.0
Reader Rating: ( 1 vote ) 9.9

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