Renault: Drive To The Unexpected

The new Renault commercial “Drive To The Unexpected”  was created by the advertising agency Publicis Conseil, Paris, France. Directed by Xavier Mairesse (company production Wanda), the advert promotes the Renault Crossover.

The tagline of the advert is “Drive to the unexpected.

The commercial is about how life is not a long straight road, it is full of unexpected. And these unforeseen stories become the most remarkable memories, that we like to tell years later.
Who has never spent a simple evening with friends who ends up in an epic adventure? Or a night on that turns into a crazy expedition, that you will tell years later?

Movies that illustrate the multitude of roads available to you and all the great adventures that you can expect at the turn of each one. The campaign, aired throughout Europe, is also relayed by a digital content integrating videos dedicated to innovations & print.

Advertiser responsible – Renault G9
Marketing Director: Laurent Renard G9
Marketing Communication Director: Gaëlle Le Grouiec
Communication campaign manager: Virginia Salzenstein
Production Manager ATL, BTL: Adela Perez-Remon
Media & Digital Manager: Antoine Hery
Advertising Agency: Publicis Conseil, Paris, France
Executive Creative Director: Marcelo Vergara
Art Director: Bastien Bourdier
Copywriter: Antoine Querolle
Digital Art Director: François Drouvin
Digital Copywriter: Mikaël Acourt
Account Managers: Stéphane Gaillard, Boris Langlois, Elodie Orosco, Cécile Cuzin
Strategic Planning: Sabrina Guendouz
TV Production: Pierre Marcus, Nathalie Levincent, Sophie Bouyer
Director: Xavier Mairesse
Company Production: Wanda
Director of Photography: Karl Oskarsson
Producer: Claude Fayolle
Directot of Production: Jean-Pierre Crapart
Post – Production: Vincent Bordier, Raimbaut Gaffier, Pierre Briere
Business Affairs: Carlos Serrano, Claire Gugger
Sound Production: Clémentine Libault

Drive to the unexpected


The advert is enjoyable to watch, and I appreciate its VFX.

Heart or Humor8.0
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