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Creative shop Los York creates the advert for the new Motorola razr flip- smartphone. Motorola reinvented the razr as a modern smartphone that folds completely.

razr has a screen like no other foldable phone on the market — a full-length touchscreen that folds perfectly in half, collapsing the razr down to a perfectly pocketable size. The 6.2” screen maximizes the viewing area when you flip open, but still allows for the device to be portable when closed. Simply unfold razr to immerse yourself in content on the OLED display with a 21:9 CinemaVision aspect ratio.

The clamshell form factor itself also adds extra protection to your flexible display — since the Flex View display folds completely in half, it is protected from damage when razr is closed. The Flex View display also has its own protective coating to withstand scratches and scuffs from everyday wear and tear.

Sometimes consumers want to disconnect for a while, or take a break from the distractions of their phones. Motoroala developed a totally new smartphone display for razr that lets your interact with notifications and tackle tasks in completely new ways — all without having to open the phone. razr features a 2.7-inch OLED Quick View display on the outside of the device, an interactive touch screen that puts all the most important information and useful actions at your fingertips.

The tagline is “Innovation never looked so good. One phone. Two screens. Endless ways to flaunt your style”

One phone. Two screens.



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