McVitie’s: Victoria Christmas Choir TV Ad

McVitie’s has a long history in using cute baby animals to get attention and free views on youtube. And all this madness start with New McVities Jaffa Cakes advert ten months ago… Also McVitie’s try commercials with puppies, owls and baby kittens
Now Grey London seems to focus again on “how to get a viral using cute pets” question. And they tries their best in this commercial as you can see…

First time was funny, now is still funny but not new. Grey London should try to find something new for next McVitie’s TV commercial.

UPDATE: Some people concern that holding a rabbit and force to lay on it’s back and this is trancing and has been proven to be very stressful to rabbits., McVitie’s decide to remove the video from youtube, edit it to cut the rabbit from it and uploaded again on youtube. They lost a lots of views on youtube as the counter was reset but they get the respect from animal rights organizations. Also McVitie’s and Grey London make a statement about this issue:

We can confirm that no animals were harmed in the making of the McVitie’s Victoria Christmas ad. We had a professional vet and handlers on set overseeing all the filming to ensure the welfare of the animals was our top priority. The professionals on set have confirmed that in their opinion the rabbit filmed was absolutely not in a state of tonic immobility or “trancing”; the camera angles used in the filming are clearly misleading. However, we understand that the ad could mislead people into thinking that putting a rabbit on its back is recommended, when this is not the case. We have therefore taken the decision to remove this scene in the ad as soon as we can. We’d like to thank anyone who raised this issue with us and would like to remind the public that they should follow professional advice as to how to best handle animals in specific circumstances including from The Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund –

McVitie’s Victoria Christmas Choir TV Ad rabbit
Why the rabbit was removed from McVitie’s Victoria Christmas Choir TV Ad ?
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Good, still funny but not new...

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