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IKEA unveiled a wired TV commercial with a twist. The funny absurd spot was created by the advertising agency DDB, Brussels. The slogan is “Bring your living room to life.”

With our Belgian neighbors, IKEA has entrusted its advertising budget to the agency DDB Brussels . The pair unveils the fourth installment of a campaign entitled “Bring your living room to life. We discover in the film a man, obviously in love with harmony, organizing his interior. Once his task is completed, the protagonist offers himself a moment of rest on his meridian. This well-deserved break is quickly interrupted by a sheep. How did he get there? Mystery. The man drives the beast to the door of his house, but when he turns around, a whole flock now occupies his living room. Rather than panic, he chooses to live in communion with the sheep. But that was before the … that we will not reveal you.

This deliciously highlights the natural elements of the show from IKEA. This spot is an invitation to the disconnection and invites the viewer to reclaim a key space for the furnishing brand. Broadcasting on social, digital and television networks should make it possible to broadcast this to as wide and varied a public as possible. Sheep included

Humorous campaign


Nice final twist.

Heart or Humor9.0
Reader Rating: ( 1 vote ) 8.2

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