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Most people would probably assume the idea of home printing to be in a bit of a decline relative to times before the internet, social media and the current trend of smartphones in every pocket. What better way to bring printing back to the mainstream than to make it more of an emotional purchase than ever before. In this piece, we take a look at HP’s “Mother’s Day” commercial. We’ll break it down into 5 invaluable advertising essentials and give each area a score out of 10. To start off:

Memorability – 8 / 10

The core target markets for this ad are also, unsurprisingly, two of the largest user segments of photography based social media; mothers and daughters. For women that have positive attitudes towards a mother or a daughter, the notions presented by this commercial will surely ring true.

Effectiveness – 7 / 10

It is a brand awareness campaign with awareness as its prime objective. There are no calls to action or specific products highlighted. The message is simply “HP is here for you”. To that end, we would have to say it meets that objective superbly. Inspiring visuals catch your attention as soon as the clip starts and the story is soaked in relevance to contemporary living.

The ad as a whole communicates directly to one of the largest and most influential demographics involved with photography; women within the young family lifestage.

Style – 9 / 10

The soundtrack with its millennial vibes and photography friendly lighting hit key themes right on the money. “HP understands you and keeping your favorite memories alive is as much an essential part of modern living than ever before”. The aesthetic is everything it needs to be to draw in the attentions of young new markets as well as media savvy mothers.

Dialogue isn’t necessary when the message is so pure and easy to digest. The lack of speech allows the soundtrack full reign to dominate the audio. The ad replicates a vision, flashback or dream scene from a feature film. With this, the director aims to instill a sense of awe and in doing so achieves a level of admiration that transcends typical reactions to advertising. You adore what you see, instead of just witnessing it.

Heart or Humor – 8 / 10

It’s a big heart hitter with enough emotion to turn HP users into advocates as well as attract new audiences that are just entering the market. A very fashionable and moving soundtrack brings a level of drama to the piece that will engage feminine audiences right from the start.

Execution – 9 / 10

Top grade production quality ensures the video is as visually pleasing as possible while a stellar audio brings the tone and gravity to an outstanding level. It’s actually hard to forget notions that move you so much and relate directly to the most entertaining elements of your day to day life. When taking in such media it’s impossible to ignore the overwhelming sense of sentiment the clip portrays.

The concept is filled with powerful themes that will have great appeal to all conscionable demographics. Do we think the clip will sell HP products? Well, many of us agree that the next time we walk into a PC store and find ourselves browsing the ink and printing isle, images from this commercial are likely to pop up in our minds; Even if these thoughts only last a split second, the ad has done its job.

The HP advert “With Every Child A Mother Is Born” was created by the German agency aigner & oesterreicher.



A touching commercial.

Heart or Humor8.0
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