Cristiano Ronaldo locked out of hotel room in underwear.

Altice: Cristiano Ronaldo locked out of hotel room in underwear

Heart or Humor

The most endorsed sporting face on the planet returns to sell us the internet. In this post we want to review the ad, “Cristiano Ronaldo locked out of hotel room in underwear”, by Altice. Cristiano has certainly been around the block when it comes to advertising, but are good looks and a stellar physique all it takes to create an effective awareness campaign for a telecoms giant? See what we think with scores and analysis right here.

Memorability – 7 / 10

If you’re female and you appreciate a fine male form, this clip won’t be leaving your brain anytime soon. Such is the power of such a presentable super star. It doesn’t really matter what context you put him in, what he says or does, as long as he shows his face and abs, your ad’s gonna be memorable. For many men, however, it will be memorable for the wrong reasons. A lot of men may be annoyed by the use of Ronaldo in such an obvious and vulgar way. Is it sensible to please one-half of your audience while completely ignoring the opinions of the other?

Effectiveness – 7 / 10

If Altice has worked out that their most important and lucrative market is middle age to millennial women, then they may be onto something with this concept. If all they want is to gain decent engagement whether it’s through positive or negative talk, then most would have to assume this video will get the job done.

If however, their intentions are in fact to appeal to both men and women of all adult ages, (which is what you would expect a telecoms giant to do), this ad doesn’t quite seem to fit the bill. Men appreciate Ronaldo for his talent, not his body or personality. This concept is all about his physique and sex appeal, which is not likely to relate to the typical heterosexual man at all.

Style – 6 / 10

A great hotel room, luscious surroundings, and pride inducing news coverage, all discharge the typical themes we recognize from this world famous character. Luxury, arrogance, and success. If these are the traits that Altice wish to stand for, they’ve nailed it. The soundtrack, script and acting quality leave a lot to be desired.

Heart or Humor – 6 / 10

The clip is designed to be humorous but lacks creative quality or clever gags. To say it feels like a cheesy approach may be a little harsh, yet applicable.

Execution – 7 / 10

With such a strong well-known character as the face of the piece, it’s somewhat hard to go wrong. Any video with a naked Ronaldo is sure to make gains. This is evidently an example of Altice making an exploratory move into the powerful world of social video advertising. They’ve thrown the kitchen sink at this concept in terms of getting one of the world’s most powerful stars to front the campaign, but it’s easy to feel that the ad lacks gravity in every other department.



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