H&M: David Beckham and Kevin Hart

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This is the 7-minute full-length H&M commercial featuring 40-year-old soccer star David Beckham and comedian Hart Kevin. The film is part of the campaign ‘Modern Essentials selected by David Beckham’ collection and it was created by the advertaising agency Adam & Eve/DDB directed by Fredrik Bond.

In the ad, Kevin Hart is preparing to take on the role of David Beckham in a fictional film about David Beckham (the movie name is I, Beckham). The headline campaign is “It’s all about getting the essentials right”

This H&M commercial is entertaining and enjoyable to watch, but I am skeptical about its effectiveness as there is no call to action.

H&M Life asked the two stars to share their experiences from working together and the answers are funny, too:

Well, I was a fan…like really a fan. David had to drop the restraining order so we could do this campaign,” says Kevin Hart.

“I’ve met Kevin before and we got along. Anyone who follows him on Instagram knows that he’s as funny in his downtime as he is on stage or screen. He can get me laughing just with a look. For this shoot, it was really important that we already had a chemistry, so that the comedy feels real,” says David Beckham.

Epic commercial


Great execution, funny, but I don't see the call to action.

Heart or Humor10.0
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