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Geico: Dikembe Mutombo blocks your shot

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Geico unveiled a hilarious 30-sec advert featuring the iconic basketball player, Dikembe Mutombo. Dikembe doesn’t let shots into any basket (even off the court).

advert Dikembe Mutombo Blocks Your GEICO Insurance video

Dikembe Mutombo Mpolondo Mukamba Jean-Jacques Wamutombo (born June 25, 1966) is a Congolese American retired professional basketball player who played 18 seasons in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Outside basketball, he has become well known for his humanitarian work.




Heart or Humor9.0
Reader Rating: ( 24 votes ) 3.9

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    1. I agree – the stupidest commercial I have ever seen and no I don’t watch basketball. I have better things to do than waste time watching basketball – anything would be better than wasting time watching basketball!!!

    1. Have you ever watched Mutumbo play basketball… That’s why the commercial wouldn’t make sense to you.

    1. True, never seen him before, but I thought it was a insurance commercial, not one for a retired basketball player. I wonder who that genius was, who bought this garbage. Is this how Geico values their clients?lisa

  1. The most stupidly obnoxious commercial I have ever seen. I also think it’s also demeaning. I will change channels to avoid it.

  2. We have Americans waiting in 4 hour lines for food, including cereal. The number of boxes destroyed for this ad is probably obscene are the optics of some guy in a costume racing around creating havoc.

  3. Must be something wrong with me–I have no idea what this commercial is about or what it has to do with insurance. Seems really stupid to me.

  4. This is not hilarious. It’s rude, crude and common. It does, however send a message to kids that it’s okay to behave this way.

  5. These ads are 8 years old! The premiered during the 2013 Super Bowl. Why is Geico rerunning them now? Weren’t funny then, not funny now.

  6. This agree with the above comments. I never heard of this guy, and when I found out it’s an 8 year old commercial it made me think it was even stupider than I first thought. Geico has a lot of dumb ads but this one is a new (or old) low.

  7. I don’t get the meaning of this commercial and it’s not even funny. Looks like bullying. Go back to humpday. At least that made sense.

  8. Stupid commercial, don’t watch basketball, so not funny. Encouraging kids to be mean to each other, and bully.

  9. I don’t know what Geico payed this IDIOT, but what ever it was is too much ! I would much rather Geico reduce my rates than waste my money on STUPID COMMERCIALS ! They are as bad as Doug and EMU on the Liberty Mutual Commercials, I’d love to give them “The Bird ” ! Mutombo can barely speak english but as you all know any Pro Ball Player, no matter how stupid they may be, can get a commercial somewhere ! Look at the Subway Commercial ! What does that have to do with a sub sandwich ? How about lowering the price of your subs instead of paying thousands of dollars for a Jock that makes no sense to start with ! The best commercials that Geico had was the Raccoons in the Garbage truck ! They were cute and didn’t insult your intelligence ! Too bad that these commercials don’t fall under the Freedom of Information Act ! You could really see how your money is being wasted then ! The Consumer is paying for these STUPID COMMERCIALS !

  10. I watched him play basketball and he was a great defender, but I’m sorry I don’t get the commercial at all. Please explain.

  11. I am disappointed in GEICO for doing an ad That shows you how to be a BULLY,,,,
    It evens show the Adult slap a box of cereal from a Child’s Hand.
    Don’t show this ad please.

  12. This is the stupidest commercial ever. I actually feel stupid for having my cars and house insured by these idiots and If they can not start showing a little class in their commercials I will start looking else where for my coverage!

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