Febreze 2017 Super Bowl - Halftime #BathroomBreak - Extended Cut

Febreze: America’s Halftime Bathroom Break – extended

Febreze unveiled its Super Bowl 2017 ad, “America’s Halftime Bathroom Break.” The 30-second commercial will be airing in the second quarter of the game. Created by Grey New York, the spot is voice-over by actress Kathryn Hahn and provides a humorous look at the always-anticipated Halftime #BathroomBreak – the phenomenon that occurs as millions of football- and ad-loving fans rush to the bathroom in the minutes between the halftime whistle and the halftime show.

The advert is an extension of Febreze’s brand new “Odor Odes” marketing campaign, also voiced-over by Kathryn Hahn, which is centered on how the things we love the most, can also stink.

The brand also produced a longer-form film that depicts the unifying moment we encounter in both anticipation and celebration of the Halftime Bathroom Break on game day. It tells the full Halftime #BathroomBreak story, and is based on a consumer-behavior driven insight that when the whistle blows, the Halftime Bathroom Break ensues. In fact, more toilets are flushed between the second and third quarter of the Super Bowl than at any other time during the year1.

The 30-second spot aired on TV:

Febreze 2017 Super Bowl Commercial - Halftime #BathroomBreak

I had so much fun working with Febreze in making this spot, which really is a humorous take on that squirm-in-your-seat moment we can ALL relate to,” said Hahn. “Whether we are tuning into the Super Bowl for the ads, the halftime show or even the game, let’s face it, any working mom can you tell you the real MVP is your bathroom!

Febreze: America's Halftime Bathroom Break - extended

Last week we launched our toughest Febreze formula to date and an all new brand marketing campaign. With over 100 million fans expected to watch the Super Bowl this year — and the anticipated spikes in halftime bathroom usage — we felt it was the perfect time and place to unveil our first-ever Super Bowl ad,” said Martin Hettich, Vice President of P&G Home Care North America and Brand Franchise Leader for Global Air Care. “We’re capturing the experience of millions of game watchers as they sit cross-legged, squirming and holding it until halftime. It’s a witty and relatable moment that Febreze is uniquely poised to own on the game day.”

Bathroom Break


The extended cut is much better than the 30-second version.

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